3 Reasons Why You Should Start Learning An Instrument

teenager-playing-guitar-300x2241. Enjoyment

Above all, learning an instrument is fun!!! There are many reasons why both adults and children should learn to play an instrument. If you enjoy listening to music, then chances are you will love learning your favourite artist’s hit songs and creating your own. Learning to play an instrument is very rewarding and has many benefits; such as developing your creative side and coordination, enhancing your listening skills, discovering new music, plus many more. It doesn’t matter if you learn just for a hobby, or you want to start a career as a professional, music is for everyone to enjoy.


2. Discovering new music and genres

There might be a specific style that you love listening to which is great,railway-hotel-band but keeping an open mind to other genres will improve your playing and broaden your knowledge. Many young guitarists and drummers enjoy listening to rock and metal bands such as AC/DC, Guns n Roses and Metallica as their energy, cool riffs and music makes many youngsters want to start learning guitar.  Many young singers are into pop and rnb, as singers love to sing songs that they are listening to on the radio. A great teacher will introduce different styles and genres to broaden musical ability and above all things help a musician become more versatile in their playing. Studying different genres styles and playing techniques will most definitely develop an appreciation for all types of music and genres.


Jam-Band3. Performing in a band

Playing a sport in a team is always more fun than playing by yourself. The same goes for music! Performing in a band is the ultimate experience for any musician, and fulfils many a teenage musical dream. It is also great because you get to learn new skills such as being a team player and listening to all other elements of a band, not just your own instrument. Performing in a band is nost enjoyable as you get to perform your favourite songs with friends as well as create your own. Performing in front of an audience can improve your self confidence, and it’s a great way to meet new people!

Learning an instrument, discovering new music and performing with other musicians is an exciting journey that I would encourage everyone to embark on. It has changed many a musicians life forever and I’m positive that with the right attitude, determination and patients it will change yours.

By Ben Corby

Ben Corby teaches guitar, bass and drums at JumboNote Music School

To book in for Guitar lessons in Beverly Hills or Kogarah with Ben Corby, call 0450 144 399


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    I started playing guitar a couple of months ago and I love it. It surely has its challenges but I find that playing guitar is fun and relaxing. Anyway, thanks for the inspiring post!

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