Darko Zoric – Founder & CEO

Darko Zoric is the Darko Zoric LR-14founder of JumboNote Music School, who’s career spans over 25 years when he was learning classical piano in his pre-teens. Darko’s early immersion in musical performance evolved into a deep love and passion for his muse. During his time at university, Darko took on his first music students, teaching them piano and vocals.  He was also leading a band called “The Machiavellians”, performing original work whilst writing his own collection of songs that would become the basis of his latest album, “Road to Somewhere” which was released in 2013. Album ‘Road To Somewhere’ won the EVOR Top Independent Release of 2013!

darko-coloredAlong with his live performances and album release, Darko was also the director of Jumbo Studios, a commercial recording studio that has produced albums from many artists and bands. Darko is currently working on a new Classical Album which was released in 2016.

Click here to visit Darko’s Website where you can watch video clips from his latest album “Road to Somewhere”.

Itunes Cover Road To Somewhere“Road To Somewhere” is available on iTunes.