Attention Singers: Why Sight Singing is Important

SightSinging-e1346633201628The benefits of learning sight singing are endless, especially if you are seeking a professional career or university degree in music. But even if you aren’t, becoming a stronger reader will help you have more musical success, and understand music more at a deeper level.

Sight singing helps you understand a piece of music, and to perform it as it is written and intended by the composer. There is more to singing than melody, pitch and lyrics. Sight singing will help you phrase your lyrics correctly, allow you to recognise and apply all the correct dynamics in a piece, and indicate where to start and stop singing with correct rhythm, pauses and rests.

Most singers learn songs by listening to a piece, and mimicking the vocal line. Although this can be an adequate method for most amateur singers, intricate and important vocal information can be lost in translation with this method. Also, the speed a skilled sight singer can learn a song is rapidly faster than by rote learning a piece.

Sight singing is of most importance if you are looking to teach music and singing as a profession, be a session singer, or work in musicalDon't wing it theatres. Musical Directors won’t wait around for you to rote learn a piece by listening to it repeatedly. They’ll require you to look at a piece, and have an immediate general understanding of its melodic and rhythmical movement.

If you are looking to take your singing to the next level, and have plans to work as a singing professional, now is the time to get serious and start learning how to sight sing effectively. In todays modern music industry, it is of most importance to be considered a complete musician, rather than just another singer.

Checkout the short interviews of JumboNote vocal coaches below, and what they have to say about the importance of sight singing.

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