Battle of the Bands 2 Schedule

Battle of the bands IIThe final schedules are out for Battle of the Bands II this Sunday 26th November!!

There will be two Sections of the competition… Senior & Junior competitions.

If you haven’t yet reserved your tickets, make sure you do it right away Battle of the Bands II – Tickets on Sale NOW 

2:00 pm – Senior Battle of the Bands

The Internet Scams

The Copper Dolls

Studio Beez

The Unknown

Presentation – All performers receive trophy


4:30 pm – Junior Battle of the Bands 

Symphony 5

Furious 5

Just Believe

Musical Theatre


Top Shelf

Presentation – All performers receive trophy


MC - Chantell Nohra

Judges - Juan Alvear, Manuel Andrade, Matthew Harrison, Ben Gregory & Darko Zoric.



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