Battle of the Bands II – Tickets on Sale NOW

Battle of the bands IISunday 26th November 2017 at 2:00pm at Club Punchbowl

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$15 – admit 1

$50 – Family (admit 5 only $10 per ticket)

No ticket sales at door, all tickets must be reserved online at

No refunds!

This is a rough rundown of the schedule for Battle of the Bands. Pls note, times are just a guide, and we suggest students to arrive half an hr at least before their half of the concert starts.


Pop Vox group the ‘Wannabe’s’ in action

Jumbo Note is proud to present The JumboNote Battle of the Bands II Concert, Featuring Studio Beez, The Internet Scams, The Unknowns, PopVox & our Musical Theatre Group + More bands joining in for 2017…. all bands and groups will battle it out with each act having a 20 minute set to showcase their performance for a chance to be crowned Champions of JumboNote Battle of the Bands 2017! Winners will be chosen by a public and jury vote, so bring as many friends and supporters to your gig! Winners receive a trophy!

Checkout our video review of Battle of the Bands 2016 below!

For more information, please call Manuel Andrade 0401 799 140.

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Battle of the Bands 2016 winners ‘The Unknown’.


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