Battle of the Bands Poll Results & Feedback

Poll Result FinalJumboNote Music Schools Battle of the Bands Concert is happening on Sunday 26th November, and it has already gotten everybody talking about the merits of the competition and it’s format. We conducted a poll and asked for your feedback, as we are in uncharted territory with over 10 bands earning the right to perform at BOTB. Throughout the process of the poll, we have learnt a few things which we will share with you. We thank everybody who participated in the poll and offered some feedback in regards to the competition.
Great News!!!! All BOTB participants will be receiving trophies at the end of the concert!

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  1. More than 70% of our respondents are happy for Battle of the Bands to remain a competition. After all, it couldn’t be classed as a Battle if no competition was to be had. Due to the overwhelming results in favor of competition, Battle of the Bands will always remain as intended… a friendly competition for all our performance groups at the end of every year.
  2. Many of you are worried about the in-balance of the competition with older more experienced bands competing with younger less experienced bands. We have taken measures to address this issue right away, and at this stage we have no choice but to segregate the Concert into two competitions… a junior competition and a senior competition. Due to the success of our Band Jam program, we have had an unprecedented sudden increase in the amount of bands we have at JumboNote which, has posed sudden logistical problems that we weren’t anticipating. For really inexperienced bands concerned about competing for the first time, what a great way to make your on stage debut by having an opportunity to be part of a big concert….although you probably won’t win this time round which is o.k, the experience gained will be huge!!! All students participating will receive a BOTB Trophy regardless!!  This year we will have Battle of the Bands Junior Champions and Battle of the Bands Senior Champions! Our schedules for the competition will be finalized early next week. Stay tuned!
  3. Many of you had concerns how performance groups such as Musical Theatre and Pop Vox Band can compete with Rock n Roll bands and be fairly judged…. some even suggested that we further segregate the competition so there would be a separate competition for Musical Theatre and Pop Vox Bands. In a perfect world, a separate competition would be ideal, and we are striving to have this happen in 2018 when we hope we can field more Musical Theatre and Pop Vox bands in the competition. However, we believe that our scoring process will still be fair for any performance group no matter if they are a rock band, pop band or musical theatre group… Scores will be given to all bands for performance attributes such as confidence, preparedness, stage presence, entertainment value etc. We will have more info available on another blog ‘BOTB Scoring Cards’ (coming soon) regarding our scoring cards for the competition. These stage attributes can be evenly scored no matter if you play a guitar, hit a drum kit, or sing and dance for your performance.
  4. Some of you were concerned regarding who will be part of our judging panel, and had asked for judges to be independent of any performance band…. We like to listen to our customers and will definitely make every effort for our judging panel to be non Band Jam or Performance Group teachers. We will announce our judging panel in the week leading up to BOTB.
  5. Some had concerns about the length of the concert considering there suddenly are 10 bands now competing… As discussed above, we will segregate the concert in two, therefore cutting the concert run time in half for all attendees making it a shorter affair. We have estimated each concert to run approximately 2.5 hrs.
  6. We have learnt from feedback left that parents and students don’t take the competition seriously, and that their children are competing in the spirit of fun and camaraderie with their peers and band members. We thank you for your positive attitude!!!

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