Battle of the Bands Prizes, Score Card & Rules!

trophy-1At JumboNote, our aim has always been to provide students with quality performance opportunities, and for the first time in our 10 year history we are offering all our performing groups the chance to participate in a friendly competition: ‘JumboNote Battle of the Bands’ concert.

JumboNote Music School’s ‘Battle of the Bands’ concert held Sunday 13th of November at Club Punchbowl has just gotten a little more exciting with the announcement of the scoring system and the prizes on offer!

This is the first time JumboNote is holding the ‘Battle of the Bands’ concert, and organisers are hoping that this will become a permanent fixture on the JumboNote calendar each year, and become the Premier event each year!

JumboNote Band Jam Champions Cup

JumboNote Band Jam Champions Cup

For the first time we will be introducing a friendly competition between the bands, with the winning band and runners up all receiving trophies, plus the winning bands name being engraved on the ‘JumboNote Band Jam Champions Cup’ each year, which will be on display in Studio B.

Battle of the Bands 2016 Rules 

1. Each band has up to a maximum 30 minute slot to present and perform their set.

2. There are no restrictions in the choice of songs (just as long as there are no explicit words).

3. There will be 5 judges filling out score cards for each band. All our band coaches will be part of the judging panel. Manuel Andrade, Daniel Imbert, Chantell Nohra, Ben Corby plus an independent judge (TBA) will score each band, however, judges will not be permitted to score the bands & groups they have been coaching.

4. The band accruing most points will be determined ‘JumboNote Band Jam Champions 2016′.


Score Card


The BOTB Score Card

1. Musical Proficiency as a Band:         /  5     (1 messy –  5 tight)

2. Song Choice:           /  5     (1 almost fell asleep  –  5 plenty of variety )

3. Originality (Star Quality):         /  5     (1 Rebecca Black  –  5 Super Stars)

4. Entertainment Score:         /  5     (1 boring  –  5 wildly entertaining)

5. Crowd Response:         /  5     (1 heard a pin drop –  5 crowd went wild)



Say No to Minecraft

Say No to Minecraft

Win Points!

Audience response will help bands win points, so we urge all punters to be vocal in their support for the bands! Also originality will win points, so we urge band members to ditch their ‘Minecraft’ t shirts and dress up in Rock Star fashion, smile, have some fun on stage & put on a show.

Book Tickets Online

If you haven’t yet booked tickets for our ‘Battle of the Bands’ concert, please purchase online at There is more info regarding ‘Battle of the Bands’ in our previous blog here.


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