Daniel Imbert & Students Recital Summary

JumboNote Music School’s Studio B held it’s first ever recital on 4thIMG_2010 April, 2015. Having a new room, with new gear that had yet to be tested was cause for some nerves for the hosts of the event.  The day was not without it’s hiccups, and after a slow bumpy start, the show kicked off with Jesse Sakhonphanthara demonstrating his awesome shredding skills on guitar with song ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. Jesse took the stage solo, and stood there manoeuvring his guitar like a shredding rock god. Next, Jesse took to the drums and much to our surprise was equally skilled on drums playing ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’. It was hard to pick which instrument one would prefer to have Jesse play, either way we’re happy having Jesse as a multi instrumentalist. With Jesse being our opening act, it really kicked off our recital with a bang.


Following was young brothers Andrew & Michael Lokmer who surprised us all how well these young musicians could play together. These boys not also play well, but also looked the part, sporting cool leather jackets.  After a tentative entrance to the stage by young drummer Michael, it was amazing how quickly the boys grew in confidence right after the first two bars. The boys performed songs ‘Radioactive’ and ‘Get Lucky’ tightly, with Daniel Imbert lending his hand on bass and vocals. Drummer Michael and Guitarist Andrew have a bright musical future, and we look forward to seeing and hearing allot more from this young duo.

IMG_2007Ashleigh Rowland was note perfect with her accompaniment on guitar, whilst teacher Daniel Imbert surprised us with his softer side in singing the ‘One Direction’ hit song ‘Night Changes’. Ashleigh was note perfect and never missed a beat and lead the way in this performance. Whilst reading the performance list the night before prior to the recital, I must admit that I was a little nervous, but mostly curious how a ‘One Direction’ song would translate on a small acoustic guitar, with Daniel Imbert on vocals….. to my pleasure and surprise, Ashleigh & Daniel nailed it.

Drummer Paul Zissis introduced himself to the intimate crowd with a huge bang, and showed us his immense powerful and energetic drumming style with Metallica’s song ‘The Power Within’. Sporting a black drummers singlet, Paul not only looks like a drummer, he walks like a drummer and even talks like one too. By experiencing Paul perform, you get the feeling that Paul loves and lives for drumming such is his joy when performing. It also is quite a spectacle, as Paul loves to utilise every bit of his drum kit.  Paul took to his next song, and raised the intensity level up a few notches whilst smashing out Metallica’s song ‘Fuel’. This was executed with style with a performance Lars Ulrich would be proud of.

Acoustic guitarist Shanna Yan finished our first session off with a more exotic sounding performance in ‘Hava Nagila’, and ‘Midnight Shuffle’. Daniel Imbert, and Shanna Yan collaborated beautifully with a performance that was totally in contrast from the styles we heard previously, and contributed to the audience experiencing totally different flavours during the first session of the recital.

The second session kicked off with young guitaristIMG_2011 Sam Hodgson treating us to a great rendition of ‘Hotel California’. Teacher Daniel Imbert supported, and chugged away on his guitar, whilst Sam maintained the intensity and rhythm on his electric. Sam’s second song was a composition he wrote himself, which consists of two main contrasting sections…. Sam introduced his song with a haunting finger picked melodic style in the first section, until he crescendo’d his way into the more intense strumming section, and finally concluding the song with a gradual ritardo (slow down). Sam’s original song was placed second in JumboNote’s Song Writing Competition. Good going Sam!

Sisters Dimi and Zoe Poulos collaborated together for two songs, sharing the limelight in each. Dimi took centre stage on vocals and electric guitar for Ed Sheeran’s hit ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Dimi excels at singing and was no surprise in pulling off a solid performance, and her guitar solo was note perfect and gave the song that extra lift. For the second song,  Zoe was in the spot light for ‘Hotel California’, and took solo lead duties. Zoe played the riff we all identify with ‘The Eagles’ most heard song skilfully whilst sister Dimi was on acoustic and teacher Daniel Imbert chugging away on his electric.

Young George Krambousanos was eager to get on stage, and was every bit confident in entertaining the small but vocal crowd. It is amazing what a clear and powerful tone George was able to produce on his little acoustic whilst smashing out every rock tragic s favourite ‘Smoke On The Water’. George’s playing was clear, powerful and precise. George’s performance was met with great approval from the crowd, who chanted that they wanted to hear more. With that sentiment, I’m sure we all want to hear more of George Krambousanos on guitar!

IMG_2018Our third and final session of the day kicked off with Dylan Budiharto playing some contemporary blues on his acoustic. Dylan performed ‘Arkansas Traveller’, and ‘Grand Finale’, whilst Daniel Imbert softly accompanied Dylan with his electric.  One would think Dylan had been a seasoned performer with his rather casual demeanour on stage, however, this being his first ever public performance, it was anything but casual. ‘Arkansas Traveller’ was swiftly, and skilfully played, with all notes played fluidly with clarity. ‘Grand Finale’ was somewhat a slower paced bluesy riff type song, and concluded Dylan’s performance on a high.

Susan Xia entered the stage, and opened her performance with the most intense song of the afternoon, ‘Haruka Kanata’. This song has extreme edge, and doesn’t take any passengers. Susan and Daniel replied in unison with a volley of fast riffs, which almost lifted the roof off of JumboNote Studio B. Susan’s second song was a welcome contrast in pace, style and sound to the previous effort with the sentimental ballad ‘Feels Like Home’.

Our youngest guitarist Ryan Carlisle impressed us with his stage presence, playing ability, and suitable attire. Dressed in a suave suit, Ryan looked every part a jazz musician playing lead guitar in the Miles Davis classic ‘So What’. Although Ryan’s performance was short, it was nothing short of amazing. His ability in producing a clear, rich tone with every note was solid, so much so that you’d swear you heard the sound of a glorious full size acoustic guitar in full swing rather than his tiny 1/4 size guitar. Ryan is only in his younger elementary years at school, but plays with enough swagger and skill you’d think the sound he produces is from a student almost twice his age.

Young James Siorounis hit the stage with a full size electric, and demonstrated some awesome finger strumming and thumb technique. James’ performance of song ‘Stolen Dance’ took off with a gallop, and the gallop remained. James kept the intensity levels high throughout, whilst chugging away through the 5 chord progression. This song employs many skills such as keeping good rhythm, using a unique strumming/thumb technique, and utilising a wealth of chords. James demonstrated all areas with ease and skill.

Exciting young drummer Sean Yap was our last performer for the day.IMG_2016 We were expecting a grand finale, and a grand finale we got. Sean started off with a more subdued, eclectic and atmospheric sounding kit with his first song ‘Assassin’.  ‘Assassin’ provided us with a nice introduction to Sean’s playing style, however, it wasn’t the finale we wanted. The blood in the veins didn’t start pumping until Sean started playing the first few bars of his second song, Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. It was as if Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl was in the house, such was the note perfect performance of Sean’s drums, which married up seamlessly with the backing track teacher Daniel Imbert employed to execute this piece.

With Kurt Cobain blasting away from our P.A speakers, and Sean smashing away on his drums, it left us with a great final moment reflecting how music created way before the time of our students is still alive and relevant today. Daniel Imbert & Students Recital performances weren’t only diverse, but also incorporated songs from many different era’s. Each song also demonstrated vastly different playing styles and techniques, which all students demonstrated with flying colours. In closing, JumboNote would like to thank teacher Daniel Imbert for his continual great work and dedication with all students. Huge congratulations to all students who performed in our first Studio B recital with excellence. Finally, thank you to all the parents for their unending support of their children’s musical journey with JumboNote Music School.

To book in for guitar or drum lessons with Daniel Imbert, call 0450 144 399.



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