MUSICIANS. Are you making enough money? Living gig to gig? Not enough gigs? Always waiting for the phone to ring? There are a few simple practical things you can do to change all that. In fact, it’ll change everything. In the following weeks, I’ll be writing some ‘tips’ to help make your business work better for you. START HERE: Get your business together. Aim to be a LOT more professional in everything you do. See yourself as a major corporation. Big or Small. But a friendly, accommodation one. This is easy to do, but think laterally. What does any good company look like? What is the foyer representing? What are the staff representing? How do they dress? What is the service representing? How quick do you respond to orders? All these things add up to what the customers and employers of that service experience. And ‘Their Experience is Everything’. TIP 1. EMAIL Email is FORMAL. Messenger, Snapchat and text are not! Not even close! Try and imagine how the major corporations do business. Do you think they set up deals, send formal documents via Facebook? Do you think Gudinski books a Madonna arena event via a text? Get your email together. Catalogue and create folders. I do a separate folder for each gig or event. (whether I’ve created the event or not) Example: My folders look like this. Month, Date, Year, Venue, Event. FEB 10 2018 BRASS MONKEY CIARAN & GUY FEB 22 2018 FACTORY HEADSTOCK MAR 12 BRIDGE ONO This catalogues well because they fall in alphabetical order (month), then date. In each of these folders is every email and document that has come to or sent by me. This makes it easy to remember what has been requested and who said what. I often CC myself for ease of searchability. ANSWER EMAILS ASAP. That may not be right away. But try to do it within 24 hours. Have you noticed, that if you don’t respond within 24 hours, the return response time can go well beyond 24 hours! But if you respond right away, most people return a response right away. This can and often does multiply exponentially…both ways. People become complacent with messaging. I find that if I don’t get a response in 24 hours, I look elsewhere for what I want. FORMAT YOUR EMAILS. Get a program like OUTLOOK and use web based programs as a backup. I use my computer mostly and my phone as a backup or if I’m out and need to respond quickly. Have your emails formatted with ‘ALL’ relevant information. You should only need to send 1 email for a show/gig. This should include all info, date, times, address, fee, charts, setlists, YouTube or Spotify links (so you’re all on the same arrangement) Be thorough. Sending multiple emails with bits of info clutters up an inbox and makes it difficult to remember what was sent/received. When you don’t send all details you can easily get bogged down with unnecessary and time consuming replies and questions.. Avoid ‘Bro’ and ‘Dude’ when speaking to a person you don’t really know. (I cant believe I’m writing this, but you’d be surprised at how many times I get it from people I don’t know.) Use basic manners and have respect when composing an email. Be ‘straight to the point’ but do it with a ‘warm glow’ (if you know what I mean). Scan and proof-read every email before it’s sent. Remember…EMAIL IS FORMAL. Again, see yourself as a friendly major corporation. (kind of like a home business with a personal and professional edge). LEARN HOW THE EMAIL PROGRAM WORKS This may seem obvious but know what CC, & BC mean. Know what is appropriate to CC and likewise BC. (some info doesn’t need to be shared) Know how to set up a ‘SIGNATURE’…..and use it! Keep it simple and to the facts. Website, email address, social media and phone numbers. Format your text in a simple font. Avoid flowery fonts and emojis. Treat your email as the 1st point of contact. Make it professional, and you will see how people will respect and treat you more professionally. (More tips on ‘Your Business’ coming in the following weeks) PETER NORTHCOTE GUITAR P/L SKYPE: peter.northcote.home

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