Group Guitar Lessons – Now Taking Enrolments

Group Guitar Lessons

Jumbo Note Group Guitar Lessons 

Cost Non Members: $26 per class.

Members: $16 per class.



Venue: – JumboNote Studio B Shop 1, 1 Fisher Place Narwee.

– JumboNote Kogarah, 2/204 Railway Parade, Kogarah.


Time: Now taking enrolments!!!

Tuesdays: lessons available at Beverly Hills Studio B and Kogarah

Wednesdays: lessons available at Kogarah

Thursdays: lessons available at Kogarah

Fridays: lessons available at Beverly Hills Studio B

Call 1300 787 697 or 0450 144 399 to book your spot


Group guitar lessons are available at both our Kogarah and Beverly Hills (Studio B) locations, with each class running 45 minutes each. We will guide you through the fundamental knowledge that is essential guitar_lessons3to get you started making music on your acoustic or electric guitar. This course will start with instruction on the basics of guitar playing such as how to hold a guitar, how to strum, string names, tuning, and practice and performance techniques essential to making music. The course will also provide lessons in music theory that will cover basic chords and scales to help you start playing your favorite songs in no time.

Some of the topics you will be studying in our lessons:


  • Learn parts of the electric and acoustic guitar – Guitar posture – String names and numbers – Essential accessories for your guitar – Chord diagrams – Open G chord – Basic down strumming.
  • How to tune your guitar – Basics of using a pick – Open Cadd9 chord – Changing between two chords – How to practice effectively.
  • The fretboard map – G-Major Scale – Notes on the Fretboard – Open D chord – Changing between three Chords.
  • Strumming eight notes – Reading tablature – Learn how to read rhythms – Building major and minor triad chords.
  • Learn some Songs using what you’ve learned! – Mixed rhythm STRUM – Learn to read simple chord charts – Learn another G-major scale – Use the major scale to improvise.
  • Learn a three chord song using three major chords  – Diminished and augmented triad chords – Revisit chords, scales, and strumming patterns and learn the most effective way to master them.
  • Expand your chord library through learning new music – Begin to look at songs with four chord changes that use both major and minor chords – Learn Mixed rhythm strumming patterns – Learn tips on how to make the chord changes smooth – Explore the C-major scale.
  • Review C-major scale and its relationship to the G-major scale for an introduction into how musical key centers work – Introduction to mini barre chords by learning the F major chord – Learn a NEW song
  • Using a song you have learned, learn how to finger pick – Learn to read basic standard notation
  • Introduction to Major barre chords!
  • Play awesome rock progressions with Barre chords – Power chords! – The minor scale! Basic improvisation using the minor scale
  • Minor barre chords! – Bluesy Chord progression using Minor Barre chords – A rock song using Power Chords – How to Palm Mute and play dynamically.

And much more!!!

Call 1300 787 697 or 0450 144 399 to book your spot


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