Guitar Tips & Tricks with Frank Lim – Hammer On Technique

JumboNote Music School guitar teacher Frank Lim demonstrates the ‘Hammer On’ technique – Producing 2 or more notes when plucking the string once.


This technique allows you to play two or more notes for every one note that you strike with the picking hand. Start by fretting a note at the 5th fret on the top E string using your first finger. Pick the string with theFrank Lim 1 picking hand, then move the third finger of your fretting hand down onto the 7th fret in a ‘hammering’ action. The idea is to move the finger down sharply onto the neck so that the note at the 7th fret is heard. So, you pluck the string once, but hear the notes at the 5th and 7th frets. The sound is different to that produced by picking both notes – the hammer-on qives a quick transition between the two notes and slurs them together.

You can play more than hammer-on at once. Try picking a note at the 5th fret, top E string, hammering on with your second finger to the 6th fret, and then hammering on to the 7th fret with your third finger. You should be able to hear all three notes clearly, even though only the first one is picked.

The basic hammer-on technique should be fairly easy, although it takes time to develop the good coordination between left and right hand that is needed for faster hammer-on effects.Frank Lim 2



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