How To Breathe Like a Singer

Proper breathing for singing can help you perform to your optimum level, and also preserve your voice, minimizing long term vocal damage. Most vocal damage occurs when singers leave little regard for breathing technique, thus straining their vocal chords as they vocalize without proper breath support. Not only will correct breathing help you sing, it will also help you relax for those tense moments when the spotlight’s on you! Breathing

Breathing like a singer provides you with the breath control that you need to sing efficiently and smoothly and maintain proper breath support. However, because controlled breathing doesn’t come naturally, you need to train your body to breathe for singing. The most important part about learning to breathe freely is to practice noticing how it is that you breathe naturally, and adjusting your breathing action, and maintaining correct breathing when singing.

To breathe correctly whilst singing requires plenty of practice, and we recommend you see a professional vocal teacher to demonstrate, and give you effective exercises to get you conditioned for proper vocal breathing. No amount of literature, or video information can teach you alone, but only demonstrate correct and incorrect methods. Checkout the short video below, where Junior JumboNote Vocal Coach Chantell Nohra demonstrates correct and incorrect breathing for singing.

If you would like to learn to breathe effectively, and improve your singing…. give JumboNote a call.

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