How to Enrol into AMEB Exams

AMEB-LogoExam enrolment cutoff date: Monday 18th September 2017
PLEASE NOTE: AMEB are very strict in their scheduling of exams and uphold a very stringent cancellation policy. AMEB won’t reschedule exams if dates and times are not to your liking without an extra $60 fee. These policies are out of JumboNote Music School’s control. Any dates that you are unable to attend during examination period should be immediately included in your enrolment form under the ‘Scheduling Request’ section in Step 13:

Enrolling yourself for AMEB exams is easy and a simple procedure that will only take a few minutes. By enrolling directly, you have the advantage of having AMEB liaise directly with you for specific dates, times, and relevant workshops which may be of help to get the most out of your exam. You also will receive the exam transcript directly, and all certificates will be posted to you directly. We have written this blog to give you simple instructions on how to enrol for exams with minimal fuss.

Step 1: visit AMEB online at

Step 2: Click on ‘AMEB Connect’ tab.

Step 3: Click on ‘Get Access’ where it says are you a teacher or a private enroller, and don’t have an account?

Step 4: Click ‘NO’ where it asks Do you already have an AMEB Teacher or Enroller number?

Step 5: Fill in all your personal details accurately, and please provide an email address you check regularly as all info will be used for all communication purposes, including sending certificates via post and exam reports/manuscripts via email.
Step 6: An email will be sent for you to verify. After verification, you will have access to ‘AMEB Connect’ where you can enrol for exams.
Step 7: Access ‘AMEB Connect’ by entering your email address and password given to you on verification email.
Step 8: Click on ‘Enrol a Candidate’.
Step 9: Click on ‘+New Candidate’
Step 10: Fill in all relevant details of the student enrolling for exams
Step 11: Under the ‘Series’ section, select ‘Metro Music – 1st Session’
Step 12: Under ‘Subject’ heading, simply enter the subject’s 4 digit code (these can be found in the AMEB (NSW) Enrolment Handbook), or start typing the name of the subject, such as pia for piano.
A list of matching subjects will be displayed in a dropdown list. Select the subject you require from the list.
Step 13: Finish filling in the form for ‘Venue’ and ‘Scheduling’. NOTE: in the ‘Scheduling Request’ section, List dates to be avoided ONLY , e.g. not 9/8.
Examinations are scheduled Monday through Saturday (including long weekend Saturdays), and during school holidays.
Requests for late exams, or for exams on specific dates, will not be considered.
Additional fees will be charged for scheduling requests not included in this enrolment.
Step 14: Click on ‘+Add To Shopping Cart’ and checkout by paying fee’s for the exam.

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