How to Practice Music Effectively in only 15 Minutes


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15 Minutes per day of focused music practice is all it takes to get into a good habit of practicing every day…after all, 15 minutes of structured and focused practice will trump hours of unfocused practice that you achieve every once in a while. This is a general guide for young beginner musicians, obviously for the more experienced musician, a greater commitment to practice is needed to broaden musical knowledge and technique. This short guide will help the beginner musician make that crucial start in establishing a habit of daily practice and ultimately encourage a natural progression for the musician in increasing the time they spend each day on their instrument.

A. Encourage daily practice as being a regular part of your child’s daily routine like regular school homework. Try add it as part of their homework schedule that should be completed each day.

B. Change the phrase of “Johnny go do some practice”, to  “Johhny, why don’t you go play your guitar”. Sometimes just rephrasing certain terms helps create a more fun environment rather than turning playing music into a chore.

C. Break your child’s practice into 3 x 5 minute parts:

1. 1st 5 minutes: Technical Section (Scales, Sight Reading, Warm-up exercises)

2. 2nd 5 minutes: Playing Pieces Section (Practice new pieces, occasionally revisit old pieces)

3. Last 5 minutes: Free time (allow child to play whatever they like on their instrument)

What ultimately happens is that the child starts really enjoying their last 5 minute period, that they end up spending more time than intended on their instrument, making their daily practice schedule longer than 15 minutes. When a child enjoys playing their instrument, learning becomes second nature.

Checkout this video of what Principal of JumboNote Music School Darko Zoric has to say regarding effective music practice in only 15 minutes per day!

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