Band Jam

rock band

Where: JumboNote Music School Beverly Hills – Studio B

Shop 1, 1 Fisher Place Narwee NSW 2209

When: every Tuesday, Wednesday from 5:30pm onwards & Friday from 5:30pm onwards

Cost: $26 per 1 hr jam / $16 for students currently having individual lessons at JumboNote (maximum 5 musicians per band)

Requirements: At least an intermediate musicianship level in either Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitar or Keyboards.

Do you play an instrument, and dream about rocking out with other1390964277_Logo-Jpg
musicians in a band? Are you ready to take on the challenge of collaborating, and creating music as a team? If you answered yes, then ‘Band Jam’ is for you!

Exclusive to JumboNote Music School, we take similar age and musical level students, put them together to form a band line up, and coach them so they’re ready to rock on stage and perform to an audience. There is no greater learning tool than to actually collaborate and play in an ensemble with like minded musicians. Our band coach will teach all students an awesome repertoire suitable for their level, and liaise with your individual music teacher (if you’re having lessons at JumboNote) what parts to learn and practice in your spare time.

If you want to take your music to the next level, then ‘Band Jam’ is a must!Two_kids_jamming_out_black_and_white

Please Note: this isn’t a replacement for individual music lessons, but rather a supplemented activity that works best in-conjunction with  individual lessons.

Call us on 0450 144 399 to grab a spot with one of our bands!

Checkout one of our bands perform ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ here.


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