Introducing JumboNote ‘Gigs’

JumboNote GigsWe are proud to introduce a new and exciting feature called ‘JumboNote Gigs’ which will excite our most dedicated students.

Since Jumbonote’s inception more than a decade ago, JumboNote Music School has always strived to give students the best possible opportunities in performance! This new feature will be a huge opportunity for our students to take their stage craft performing to another level, where students can hold their very own concert/gig.

How does it work? 

If you’re a musician capable of learning or performing a whole set (around 8 songs), and have had some stage experience with our performance program, showcase concerts and recitals, then you are ready to take your performances to the next level and hold a ‘JumboNote Gig’.

Our friendly JumboNote teachers and staff will work with you to achieve the following:JumboNote Gigs Example

  1.  book in a date for your gig at our Studio B venue
  2. help design your very own concert posters to advertise your gig
  3. organise ticket sales of your gig through
  4. help get you fully prepared for the show by organising set lists, work on your stage craft and do a rehearsal at Studio B
  5. help promote your gig
  6. help run your very own gig so that it is a major success!

What you need to do?

Just like any real life gig for any musician at a typical venue, the star of the show is required to do the following:

  1. get fully prepared so that all songs are executed confidently
  2. help design your own advertising posters
  3. market yourself, and help sell tickets to your show (just like in real life gigs, students will earn a percentage of every ticket that is sold to their show)

Are you ready to start doing your very own gigs? We’d like to know if you are!


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