JumboNote Celebrating Christmas with the Elderly

Christmas Dinner PreparationWhere: Camden Estia Nursing Home, 78-82 Old Hume Hwy,Camden NSW 2570

When: 2:00pm Sunday 11th December

What: Christmas Carols with elderly residents

JumboNote Music School is celebrating Christmas with the elderly residents of Camden Estia Nursing Home on Sunday 11th December at 2pm. This is a wonderful opportunity  open for all students to share their talents, give back to the community and put a smile on the face of some of our cherished elderly citizens. If you play piano, strum a guitar, or can sing a few tunes….we invite you to participate in this heart warming event!


Small gifts or Christmas hampers are most welcome so we can give a small gift to each resident!

If you’d like to participate in any way, please call Darko on 0450 144 399.

On a personal note, I thought I’d share a short story with readers. When I was in my early teens, I participated in a community service initiative setup by the high school I was attending… and in truth, I volunteered my services as a way to get out of regular class work on a friday afternoon. We were sent to a local nursing home to spend some time with some of its residents. Since the nursing home had a very old, out of tune piano, it wasn’t long before I was made to play some tunes, singing ever so nervously to the residents.

WRVSIn 25 years of performing, the elderly residents at that nursing home were the best audience I’ve ever had! (even though they used to call me by the peculiar name ‘DUNCAN’…they couldn’t pronounce Darko). They were never judgemental, or demanding, instead would lap up each performance like it was the greatest performance of all time. In truth, I was a struggling young musician who most probably sucked, however, their eagerness and encouragement to hear whatever song I could muster the courage to perform was a great confidence booster for me as a musician.

In turn, this pushed me to learn a repertoire of songs that were more appropriate and familiar to the older generation. Before long, we were singing together and having a great old time….and I could hardly wait for each friday to come round so I could present the new songs I had learnt each week to my audience. This fond, warm memory has stayed with me forever! It is fair to say that I got allot more out of that experience then what I could physically give back to any of the older residents. Merry Christmas to all!

Darko Zoric






  1. Janet Grbevski says

    That is a great story Darko, very inspiring… and how generous of you to present this opportunity to the students of your music school… I will definitely be encouraging James to take part.

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