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End Of Year Concert 2014JumboNote end of year concert at Peakhurst Bowling Club 7th December 2014 schedules are out for the following concerts.

12:30pm Concert 1 (Extra concert just added)

2:00pm Concert 2 (little performers)

3:30pm Concert 3 (under 12′s)

5:00pm Concert 4 (under 16′s)

6:30pm Concert 5 (All age)
Please note that most concerts are full, and that we have a maximum of 23 performers per concert to keep in line with time constraints so that each session starts at it’s scheduled time.

It is important that you pre-book tickets on-line before the concert to reserve a seat, as no tickets will be sold at the door. There is a limit of 140 seats per session, so make sure that you book your tickets now!

To book tickets, please click on the link here  

If for any reason you or your child has been booked in for a concert time, and you plan on not attending, please have the courtesy to inform us asap on 0450 144 399 as student numbers are full, and there is a waiting list for certain concert times.

Please note that the concert schedules below are in alphabetical order, and don’t resemble the running order of the concert. Final running order will be formulated with preference to students who buy early tickets and for families with most tickets bought.

Concert 1 at 12:30 pm
# Name of Student Instrument Song Name
1 Lara Jade Teves Vocals The Climb
2 Larissa White Vocals / Guitar Young and Beautiful / House of the rising sun
3 Elysia Lemura Vocals Budapest
4 Connor Chapman guitar the caissons go rolling along
5 Lylia Franich Piano Gayement, Minuet
6 Ruby Nioplias Vocals In Your Arms
7 Adam Podetti Vocals Thinking out loud
8 Nithin John Piano C Minor Blues
9 Asher Mali Piano Adam’s Family Theme
10 Karl Nickle Piano Polovstian Dance
11 Jacinta Mo Piano The Birthday Cake – John Thompson
12 Benjamin Mo Piano Ol’ Rockin Chair Blues
13 Jamie Mo Piano River Flows In You – Yiruma
14 Kyle Chen Piano Curious Story – Stephen Heller
15 Sofia Wardman Piano Groovey Movie
16 Michael Wardman Piano From the Top
17 Keira Blackmore Vocals Roar
18 Seth Blanco Guitar Love Me Tender
19 Denise Mushangazikhe Vocals My Funny Valentine
20 Aarondian Chandra Vocals Amazing Grace
21 Ela Manalo Vocals Dance With The Father
22 Natalie Doumakos Vocals Bubbly
23 Jasmine Franich Piano Mountain Climbing, The Dancing Bear


Concert 2 at 2pm for young beginners
# Name of Student Instrument Song Name
1 Maddy Dgoh Vocals Do you wanna build a snowman
2 Charlotte Silva Vocals Shake it off – Taylor Swift
3 Zoe Poulos Guitar 20th Century Boy
4 Tiffany Prusac Vocals Shake it off – Taylor Swift
5 Adrian Prusac Vocals Happy – Pharell Williams
6 Bethany Lui Vocals Lost Without You
7 Dhanisha  Makanji Guitar Minuet in G – Grand Finale
8 Kevin Fotu Piano The Ballet Dancer – John Thompson
9 Pastel Walker Guitar Star
10 Audrey Panami Piano Oh, Sussana
11 Sydney Panami Drums Yellow
12 Marvin Gurung Guitar Sinner Man
13 Dimi Poulos Vocals Never Be the Same
14 Zoe Poulos Vocals Yellow
15 Jessica Patterson Vocals Ugly Heart
16 Bee-Pees Flores Piano Echo
17 Zayreen Daroy Vocals Part Of Me
18 Bianca Macapagal Vocals This Girl is On Fire
19 Rebbecca Papasavva Piano Ten Little Indians
20 Diya Makanji Vocals Love Story
21 Dimi Poulos Guitar Sunday Morning
Concert 3 at 3:30pm for under 12’s
# Name of Student Instrument Song Name
1 Sam hodgson Guitar Original Composition
2 Daniel Bulmer Piano The Mischievous Basketball
3 Jack Bulmer Piano The Good, the bad and the ugly
4 Matthew Li Piano Mineut, Gavotta
5 Zac Costa-Perazzo Piano The Tiresome Woodpecker
6 Stephanie Carnevale Vocals A Whole New World
7 Karissa  Siourounis Vocals Hey Soul Sister
8 James Grbevski Vocals Radio Active
9 Alana Flores Vocals I will Stand By You
10 Jaimee Louise Buena Vocals Never Be the Same
11 Jacinta Johnson Drums Like a Stone
12 Maddelein Barbey Violin Mr Crocodile / Only Joking
13 Sarah Barbey Piano Mad Hatter
14 Rachael Barbey Drums Yellow
15 Amelia Giovenalli Piano From the Top
16 Amelia Giovenali Vocals Ugly Heart
17 Emily Gawthorne Vocals Higher Love
18 Karissa  Siourounis Piano The Chimes / Falling Leaves
19 Kira Angelov Piano Mad Gatter
20 alek angelov guitar im a believer
Concert 4 at 5pm for under 16’s
# Name of Student Instrument Song Name
1 Issac Cagigas Piano Groovey Movie
2 Joanna Karagiannis Vocals Who am I living for
3 Olivia Modellino Vocals Valerie
4 Tahnisha Farah Vocals Big White Room
5 Gabriella Nohra Vocals Ho Hey
6 Connor Pattersen Vocals Impossible
7 Rozhin Zarei Vocals Lost and Found
8 Gabriella Fernandez Vocals Love is a losing Game
9 Rebeka Gadallah Vocals Stay with Me -Sam Smith
10 Llewelyn  Wylie Piano The Wishing Star – John Thompson; Mountain Climbing – John Thompson
11 Tara Wylie Guitar Minuet G
12 Tara Wylie Voice – Guitar Riptide
13 Lachlan Wylie Guitar Grand Finale – Jamaica Farewell
14 Eli Mayakis Piano The Popcorn Man
15 Martin Radeski Guitar
16 Jared Anota Guitar Blackbird
17 Naomi Zaki Piano Adagio
18 David Zaki Piano Beautiful Flower
19 John Kirc Codornigara Drums Walk
20 Anjali Paintal Piano from the Top, James Bond Theme
21 Robbie Franov Bass Give it Away – RHCP
22 Amelia Shaw Piano Minuet – Arabesque
Concert 5 at 6:30pm for Over 16’s
# Name of Student Instrument Song Name
1 Catherine Nguyen Piano Robin Redbreast – John Thompson
2 Ali Li Piano Swans on the lake
3 Samantha Butler Vocals Lay Me Down
4 Sophia Mavridis Vocals On My Own
5 Emilo Puntillo Vocals Amazing Grace
6 Kristina Ignatova Vocals Chain of Fools
7 Tara Kapila Piano boogie band/Inspector Gadget
8 Alysha Kapila Piano polotvsian dance/ theme
9 Demi Toweel Vocals Thinking Out Loud
10 Zabrina Potestas Vocals TBA
11 Stefanie Toweel Vocals I’m Not the Only One
12 Peter Chappell Vocals Don’t let the Sun Go down on me
13 Alleza Wijaya Vocals Lay Me Down
14 David Nguyen Piano Le Cygne – Camille Saint-Saens
15 Daniel Nguyen Piano Funeral March of the Marionette – Charles Gounod
16 Fely Lumapac Vocals Run To You
17 Jillian Dsousa Vocals Bruise but not broken
18 Sammy Jones Vocals Can you feel the love tonight
19 Jasmin Vlahopoulos Piano The Pipers are Coming, Lightly Row
20 Alyssa Alas Vocals & Guitar Gladiator / Aura Lee/Saints Go Marching In
21 Mercia Esser Vocals TBA

To book tickets, please click on the link here  

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