JumboNote Does Retro 2016! iTunes Album

JumboNote Does Retro

JumboNote Does Retro Album cover designed by Manuel Andrade

Following the success of JumboNote’s latest album release on iTunes titled ‘JumboNote Does Soul′, 2016 is promising to be a big year full of  plenty of opportunities and exciting new projects for students to whet their musical appetites with. The theme we will be exploring in term 2 will be ‘Retro’, and all recitals during term 2 will feature a ‘Retro theme’. We strongly encourage all students to get involved, as learning different styles only creates a more versatile performer.

We will choose the top 14 – 18 ‘retro’ performances and songs from our recitals,Retro and then record and release another iTunes album titled ‘JumboNote Does Retro 2016′ in term 3 featuring all our top students. This is an exciting opportunity for all students of JumboNote, as this year we will plan to make our album release bigger and better by getting our most talented instrumentalists also involved to help create the music, rather than vocalists relying on backing tracks for backing!

We hope you are just as excited about the ‘JumboNote Does Retro’ album as we are! For your listening pleasure and to get you into a retro mood, checkout the video below of a retro mix!

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