‘JumboNote Does Retro’ Recording Sessions Starting Soon!

Cassette‘JumboNote Does Retro’ album which will be released on iTunes and Google Play will commence recording in the next few weeks. Our last album ‘JumboNote Does Soul’ hit the iTunes Vocal Charts and spent #1 for almost a whole week, and also spent many weeks in the Top 10 of the US RnB/Soul iTunes Charts!  Checkout our JumboNote TV segment on our iTunes Chart success with JumboNote Does Soul album below.

JumboNote Does RetroThis year, JumboNote Does Retro will be bigger than ever, as we will be including our bands and instrument players in the project rather than having just singers perform! Each song will be meticulously recorded in our recording studio, with each session filmed to create a music video for each song we release. Allot of time and effort goes into producing a quality recording and music video as each instrumental part and individual has to be recorded, and filmed with post production work taking up the bulk of labour with editing, mixing, mastering, and video editing done to create a professional recording + music video.

A typical session will include each student to spend roughly 1 hr in the recording studio performing their part with our sound engineer, whilst being Retrofilmed so footage can be used to create a music video. From then onward, we spend the bulk of time in post production. We will also interview each student for a behind the scenes video for a short doco on creating the ‘JumboNote Does Soul’ album.

We kindly ask that each student involved in the ‘JumboNote Does Retro’ album pay a fee of $120 to be part of this great project. This will cover the one hr recording session + the multitude of hours spent in post production to produce the end product which will include an audio mastered recording released on iTunes and Google Play + a Music Video released on YouTube + feature on our short documentary of the making of ‘JumboNote Does Retro’ album. Band Jam students receive a discount price $90 for the ‘JumboNote Does Retro’ album.

For an example of one of the music videos included in the ‘JumboNote Does Retro’ album, checkout our ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ music video by one of our Band Jam bands ‘Studio Beez’!

For more info, please call Darko on 0450 144 399.

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