JumboNote Does Soul – Concert Schedule

Childrens & Teenager Singing Classes Brackley

Address: Peakhurst Bowling Club, 1 Olds Park Lane, Beverly Hills, Sydney

Concert 1 – 1pm

Concert 2 – 3pm

Performers are required to come at least 10 minutes before the start of concert.

It is advised that all performers bring a copy of their song if you require a backing track for your performance as backup on either phone, ipod, ipad, usb or cd (usb & cd not preferred). Streaming a copy of a backing track from youtube is strongly not advised as upload speeds and coverage is not guaranteed.

We will be selecting the best 8 – 14 Soul performances for our upcoming ‘JumboNote Does Soul’ iTunes Release, which is geared at our more experienced performers! Please keep in mind that there will be plenty of first time performers giving their all, and we urge that encouragement and support for all performers is exercised minus any criticism. All students performing should be praised for their courage, as singing in front of an audience can be a daunting first time experience.

The concerts are designed to run no longer than one and a half hours, so your attendance from start to finish is appreciated. Food and drinks are available at Gino’s Bistro within the establishment. We look forward to seeing you at the concert this Sunday 24th May. If you need to purchase any last minute tickets, visit http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=130317

Below is a list of performers for each concert in order of surname first and ticket dates purchased.

Concert 1 – 1pm

Barsoum Olivia
Blackmore Keira
Zang Jasmine
Giovenali Amelia
Henwood Victoria
Gawthorne Emily
Dgoh Madeleine
Lemura Elyssia
Larissa White
Makanji Diya
Manalo Ela
Odtojan Richard
Teves Lara Jade
Walker Pastel
Odtojan Trent


Concert 2 – 3pm

Hubbard Sonya
Poulos Dimi
Buena Jaymee Louise
Zarei Rozhin
Fernandez Gabriella
Grbevski James
Chandra Aarondion
Kayrouz Mitchell
Nguyen Leanna
Macapagal Bianca
Wylie Tara
Lui Bethany
Castenada Carlos
Gillian Dsouza
Diakoumis Natalie

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