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stock-footage-woman-in-red-dress-holding-microphoneCongratulations to all students who were selected to feature on our iTunes Release of the ‘JumboNote Does Soul’ Album!

Information regarding the recording:

Allot of time, and effort goes into creating an album, and you will be pleased to know that all recording time, mixing and mastering will be free of charge for all students! However, all students (parents of student) must agree as a condition to be part of this project, to at-least purchase 1x the full album ‘JumboNote Does Soul’, once released on iTunes which will cost approximately only $16.99. It would also be greatly appreciated if all students and parents could do their part to help in promoting the album and content (such as promo videos) on social media such as twitter and facebook. This will help support the album release, and give the album a good chance of getting some exposure on the iTunes Australia charts. Many of our students singles on our ‘Christmas With JumboNote 2014′ release made the iTunes Australia top 10 charts, and with this project we are aiming to do much better with the album collectively!

Recording sessions will be held during the school holidays in JumboNote Studio B on wednesday 1st July fro 2:30pm onwards, and at Darko Zoric’s private studio at Harrington Park Tuesday 7th July from 2:30pm onwards.

Each student will have a maximum of one half hr dedicated to record their song which is more than enough for us to record at-least 4 to 5 takes + film short interview. It is strongly advised that all students are well rehearsed, and well prepared with their material, backing tracks, instrumentation and lyric sheets etc. All students must be punctual to their designated session time, as we will be recording well over 14 students back to back every half hr. Please dress in smart casual as we will be video recording part of the recording session, plus short interviews for promo reels in relation to the album release.

How to book your recording session?

At your next lesson, discuss with your teacher what session times are available, and they will book you accordingly on our time sheet. You will receive an automated text on monday 30th june as a reminder of your time and any further relevant information.

I’m sure that this album will be a great success, and I look forward to showcase the amazing talent we have at JumboNote Music School. Thank you for your support!

Darko Zoric


JumboNote Music School



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