JumboNote End Of Year Concert

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WHAT: JumboNote end of year concert at Peakhurst Bowling Club 7th December 2014.

12:30pm Concert 5 (Extra concert just added)

2:00pm Concert 1 (little performers)

3:30pm Concert 2 (under 12’s)

5:00pm Concert 3 (under 16’s)

6:30pm Concert 4 (All age)

Maximum 20 performers per concert, making each concert as short as possible and scheduled for approximately 1hr per session.

Tickets are limited and reserved. Concert session times are pending on performer numbers, as we reserve the right to change the schedule if performer numbers are more or less than expected.

For more info pls call 0450144399.

Peakhurst Bowling Club
1 Olds Park Lane
Beverly Hills, NSW 2209

CONTACT DETAILS: Darko Zoric 0450144399


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