JumboNote Installs New Roland V-Drums for Drum Tuition

Roland V-Drums

JumboNote Music School is proud to announce that in all our drum rooms we have installed the new Roland V-Drums TD-11KV with mesh tops on snare, toms, kick and floor toms which retail for $2300.

We are excited by the purchase, as it gives drum teachers and students an opportunity to work with a kit regarded as some of the best in electronic drums technology, giving users all the advantages of playing an electronic drum kit, without compromising on feel.

Hear what teacher James Ellercamp, and principal Darko Zoric have to say about the new Roland V-Drums.

The advantage of playing an electronic drum kit are as follows:

1. There is a volume control, for which allows users to play at low volumes whilst practicing. This minimizes hearing damage associated with loud noise.

2. Quick access to multiple sounds: Users can choose multiple tones and different sounding kits which have all been pristinely recorded with high quality sounds.

3. There are no need for mics, outboard gear, eq’s and compressors to amplify the sound, simply plug in the P.A and play.

4. The mesh heads give the user a similar reflex action  to the feel of an acoustic drum kit.

To book in for a drum lesson, please contact JumboNote on 1300 787 697 or 0450 144 399.



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