JumboNote launches ‘The Dream Starts Here’ ad campaign.


Jumbonote music school has teamed up with St.Rok Studios in creating a series of short tongue-in-cheek commercials which will feature in the ‘Dream Starts Here’ advertising campaign. Each ad features talented actor and awesome singer / front man Eli Reskov of Aussie rock band ‘The Devine Electric’.  So far, Jumbonote has launched the first ad in a series of three which features a wannabe rockstar, who looks every part a cool rocker….until he starts playing his guitar. It is quickly evident that the wannabe Rockstar has all the required image, but his playing ability has allot left to be desired.

Checkout our ‘The Dream Starts Here – Guitar’ ad 1 below.

Let us know what you think of this ad, and if you have any cool ideas…. please share, as who knows, we just might use your idea in our next ad campaign!

Keep a look out for our next upcoming ads in ‘The Dream Starts Here’ series. 

If you’ve always wanted to become a Rockstar, don’t just dream about it! Do something and give JumboNote Music School a call. The Dream Starts Here!
Ph: 1300 787 697

Rock Star: Eli Reskov
Video Director & Editing: Darko Zoric
Sound Design & Voice Over: Darko Zoric
Studio: St Rok Rehearsal Studios Peakhurst
Special thanks to Ivor Radocaj



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