JumboNote Performance Calendar 2017

music-calendarWhat sets JumboNote Music School apart from any other music school in Australia is the amount of performance opportunities we provide for all our students. In 2015, JumboNote amassed a whopping 64 recitals & concert opportunities for students and in 2016 held over 43 separate recitals and concerts. Such figures are mind boggling and exhausting, however, we take great pride in the quality of performance opportunities we provide, as we strive to be a performing type Music School, and all students are encouraged to participate. From small student recitals for the less experienced performer in our very own Studio B, to the big stages of our Annual JumboNote Showcase Concert and Battle of the Bands Concerts…. at JumboNote, there is a performance opportunity for everybody. Since life is so busy for all parents and students, we’ve provided a calendar this year, to give all students a heads up in preparing for upcoming performance dates.

Term 1

  • Week 10 (April 5) Musical Theatre Group – Filming of Musical Screen Play – venue JumboNote STUDIO B
  • Week 10 (April 5) Pop Vox – LIVE GreenScreen recording for JumboNote TV – venue JumboNote STUDIO B

Term 2

  • Week 4 (May 21) – JumboNote Music School 10 Year Gala Night – Not confirmed yet
  • Week 6 (June 4) – Guitar & Drums Recitals – venue JumboNote STUDIO B
  • Week 8 (June 18) – Vocals Recitals – venue JumboNote STUDIO B
  • Week 9 (June 25) – Piano & Vocal Recitals – venue JumboNote STUDIO B

Term 3

  • Week 8 (Sep 10) – JumboNote Showcase Concert – venue Club PunchbowlMc Happy Day
  • Week 11 (School Break) – Recording/Filming/Production of JumboNote Does Billboard #1 Hits – venue JumboNote STUDIO B

Term 4

  • Week 1 (Oct 14) – McHappy Day Charity Performance – venues McDonald’s Padstow & Punchbowl
  • Week 2 (Oct 21) – Oatley Spring Fair Festival – venue Oatley Memorial ParkMusic-In-The-Park-2017_pic21
  • Week 7 (Nov 26) – Battle of the Bands – venue Club Punchbowl
  • Week 8 (Dec 3) – Guitar & Drums Recitals – venue JumboNote STUDIO B
  • Week 8 (Dec 3) Piano & Vocals Recitals – venue JumboNote STUDIO B
  • Week 9 (Dec 10) Vocals Recitals – venue JumboNote STUDIO B
  • Week 9 (Dec 10) Banks Music Awards Ceremony – venue JumboNote STUDIO B

Check out a short video reviewing 2016’s Battle of the Bands Concert!


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