JumboNote Releases Album ‘JumboNote Does Retro’ on iTunes & Google Play

jumbonote-does-retro-itunesThroughout 2016, JumboNote students & teachers have been working hard on preparing and recording our themed album ‘JumboNote Does Retro’, produced and directed by JumboNote teacher Mr Manuel Andrade. Whereas in the past, all our albums were recorded only with vocalists, this years album is the biggest and best production yet, as our  instrumentalists have also joined in on the project and play a huge role in creating the backing music for all the tracks.

‘JumboNote Does Retro’ consists of 12 album tracks, and each track will feature it’s own music video which will be released periodically.

Checkout our first music video ‘More Than Words’ featuring Tara Wylie & Lara Teves on vocals and Jared Anota on guitar.


 To purchase ‘JumboNote Does Retro′ on iTunes, click on the iTunes icon below.



To purchase ‘JumboNote Does Soul’ on Google Play, click on the Google Play icon below.


The album track listings and album credits are as follows:

jumbonote-does-retro-backBig thank you to all the parents & teachers involved in helping make ‘JumboNote Does Retro’ happen. Huge thank you especially to Mr Manuel Andrade who has spent hours upon hours in recording, filming, editing, mixing and designing the covers….without Manuel’s expertise and dedication, the ‘JumboNote Does Retro’ album would be a shadow of what we have today. Thank you.



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