JumboNote Releases Music Video – Sweet Home Alabama

screenshot-2017-01-05-14-03-54JumboNote Music School has just released new music video ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ off the album ‘JumboNote Does Retro’. ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ features the insanely talented Susan Xia on guitars, thehuman watch that never misses a beat Hunter Solomons on drums and the angelic voice of Pastel Walker.

‘JumboNote Does Retro’ is available on iTunes and Google Play at the links below.



Produced, mixed, mastered and video editing all done by Manuel Andrade. Recorded at JumboNote Studio B – Beverly Hills, Australia.

jumbonote-does-retro-itunesIf you’d like to be part of JumboNote in 2017 and experience all these fantastic features, call 0450 144 399 to book your spot!


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