JumboNote Students to Receive Banks Music Awards


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Date: Saturday 9th December

Time: Ceremony 1 at 12:30pm and Ceremony 2 at 12:50pm

Where: JumboNote Studio B, Shop 1, 1 Fisher Place Narwee.

Cost: Free, however it is required to reserve seating for the awards ceremony by visiting our trybooking.com link below. We kindly ask that families only book a maximum of 3 seats including the award recipient. Please only book seats in the ceremony you have been allocated to. A list of students allocated to receive their award in each ceremony is listed below.

Important Info: We kindly ask all students and parents arrive on time as Mr David Coleman has a tight schedule and must leave our venue on time to attend other events. So the event runs smoothly and quickly, there will be an official photographer taking photos of each student receiving awards, so no cameras will be permitted. If any parent wishes not to have their child’s photo taken with Mr Coleman, please contact Darko beforehand. If any student cannot make their allocated time or the awards ceremony, please contact Darko on 0450 144 399 to arrange pick up of award.

Book here to reserve your Free seats

Federal Member for Banks Mr David Coleman will be guest of honour to award JumboNote students with the Banks Music Award! In the words of Mr David Coleman, ‘Learning to sing or play an instrument is a very important and useful skill for young people to have. It is also a challenging pursuit, and I would like to reward students for their efforts’.

The Banks Music Awards is presented in a framed certificates that bear the Australian coat of arms and will recognise the achievements of students actively participating in music classes. Each JumboNote teacher has nominated suitable students as recipients for the Banks Music Award on merit of musical achievement, effort and participation. All recipients will receive their awards on Saturday 9th December in one of two awards ceremonies held at JumboNote Studio B starting at 12:30pm. We kindly ask that since there is limited seating at Studio B, that students receiving awards reserve a seat for themselves and a maximum of 2 more seats to be reserved for parents. If any family requires any more seats reserved, pls contact Darko on 0450 144 399 as it is of most importance that no recipient of the award misses out due to others reserving multiple seats. david_coleman_header_0_0For more info on MP David Coleman, visit https://www.davidcoleman.com.au/  


Ceremony 1 at 12:30pm:

Aarondion Rino Chandra

Amaris Fotoulis

Andrei Villacorta

Angelina Ladikos

Dimi  Poulos

Emilo Puntillo

Isaac Vong

Jared Anota

John Kirc Cadornigara

Keiran Cadornigara

Luis Silva

Olivia Modellino

Tara Wylie

William Kritikos

Yana Tenedora  


Ceremony 2 at 12:50pm: 

Amelia Giovenali  

Ashlee Long 

Benjamin Wong 

Dylan Budiharto   

James Grbevski   

Jarod Ashby 

Karla Zoric

Katerina Krambousanos 

Lara Jade Teves  

Ohm Bhandari 

Pastel Walker 

Rafael Zoric

Vasilis Argyridakis 

Book here to reserve your Free seats

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