JumboNote Students Create Music Video’s

10653757_550120718422861_4388364653265853445_nDuring every school holiday, JumboNote Music School holds recording sessions and music video sessions which are available and open for all students to participate in. For a run down of what a typical session entails, please visit our blog Record & Shoot a Music Video at JumboNote. Music videos are not only fun, and a great experience for all involved, but can be an important part of a students performance portfolio (or showreel). Music videos are the ultimate tool to showcase your music/vocal ability, and demonstrate the confidence you command on stage or on camera. What’s more, many entertainment companies require a music video before inviting would be performers up for any audition.

Music video’s are a great memento for family and friends to share and admire. It captures a moment in time performance which, will remain viewable for all to look back on for many years to come. There is also no better way for parents and students to evaluate musical improvement than to have a succession of music videos each quarter created.

Music videos are a fun way to capture a performance, and are a great feature that Jumbonote Music School has available for all students to enjoy.

Checkout the clip below featuring some of our young students who recently participated in the making of their own music video, and their thoughts on the whole experience and what it means to them. Some of the answers are quite funny!


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