JumboNote Terms & Conditions

Welcome to JumboNote Music School

Congratulations on your first step to developing your music journey!

JumboNote Music School is Sydney’s premier music performance program. With hundreds of students enrolled across our locations around Sydney, we have the capacity and scale to develop programs for musicians of all ages which will help turn them into exciting and charismatic performers.

Whilst we appreciate you are keen to start your musical journey at JumboNote Music School, we’d like to highlight some important information so that there is no confusion down the track!



To benefit from lessons and grow musically, students are required to turn up to their designated spot each week throughout a term. We are a membership based school and offer our members substantial discounts and a reserved regular time slot for lessons. We also offer casual one off lessons, however, they are charged at a premium rate of $42 per half hr lesson and casual students are not guaranteed a reserved spot at a regular time each week.



Our Standard Lesson (1/2 Hour) fee is $36 for Members or $42 for Casual Non Members.

JumboNote offers a number of discounts if you pay a whole term upfront (usually 10 wks) or if you (or your family members) take more than one lesson per week!


Paying Whole Term (Based on a 10 Week Term)

Number of Lessonsper week Paying by wk 3(Upfront Discount) Paying after wk 3(Standard Rates Apply) Paying after Week 8(Late Fees Applies)
1  (1/2 Hour) $330 $360 + $10 Extra per late Week
2   (1 Hour) $620 $660 + $10 Extra per late Week
3 (1.5 Hours) $870 $930 + $10 Extra per late Week



Paying in 2 Half Term Instalments

Number of Lessonsper week Paying by wk 3 & 8(Standard Rates Apply) Paying after wk 3 & 8(Late Fee Applies)
1 $180 x 2 totaling $360 + $10 Extra per late Week
2 $330 x 2 totaling $660 + $10 Extra per late Week
3 $465 x 2 totaling $930 + $10 Extra per late Week

Fees are due by week 3 of each term to receive our upfront discount of $33 per half hr lesson (less if you have more than one lesson per week, per family). Payments made outside of these terms will result in you losing your upfront discount, or a late fee added to your account.


Performance Group Fees:

If you are enrolled in one of our Performance Groups, we charge a weekly fee of only $16 per week ($160 per term) if you are also doing one-on-one lessons at JumboNote. Students not enrolled in one-on-one lessons are charged $26 per week ($260 per term).

Our Performance Groups are not open to casual students, so all fee’s are required to be paid upfront for each term. There may be the odd extra fee required if your performance group takes part in our yearly album we record, music videos and tickets for concerts.


Missed Lessons:

We allow 1 makeup lesson per term, per student as long as you meet any of the following criteria.

  • You advise us 24 hrs prior to an impending absence.
  • You produce a doctor’s certificate due to an illness.

All makeup lessons must be completed before the start of the next term.

Pls note: No absence will result in a credit carried on to the following term.


Stopping Lessons:

We require a minimum of 1 week notice if you wish to discontinue lessons at JumboNote. Please contact our General Manager Manuel Andrade for cancellations.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Principal and General Manager Manuel Andrade on 0401 799 140.

Please visit our online registration at https://jumbonote.typeform.com/to/IT35I9 to indicate that you have read the above agreement, and agree to abide by our membership terms & conditions.