JumboNote to Record Christmas Album!

iTunes CoverWe are proud to announce that JumboNote Music School will be releasing a Christmas album titled ‘Christmas with JumboNote 2017′ on iTunes, Spotify & Google Play this Christmas. Director Darko Zoric will produce the album alongside teachers and students. This is an amazing opportunity for all students to add to their performance portfolio with a wonderful Christmas album that the whole family will love.

This album will be primarily focused on vocalists and some lead instrumentalists who would like to feature as soloists on the album. There will be an opportunity for all students to participate at any level they like, from just an audio recording to be featured on the album, or have the full shebang and get a music video made to promote your Christmas single to the max!

The last Christmas album that JumboNote released was in 2014, and it reached instant success on the iTunes Australia charts. Many of our students singles made the iTunes Australia top 10 charts, and with this project, we are aiming to do much better with the album collectively! Please note that this will be an iTunes, Spotify & Google Play only digital release, and no physical cd copies will be made. You will be pleased to know that JumboNote teachers will also feature on this album! Check out our behind the scenes interview with performers involved in ‘Christmas With JumboNote 2014′.

Info Regarding Recording Sessions!

    • Basic Package $70.00: Each student will receive a one hr recording session with Darko Zoric in the studio. Each song will also have backing vocals recorded to their song by professional singers if necessary. All songs will be individually edited and then mixed and mastered by Darko Zoric into a pro sounding master. Students will also feature in a short promo video.
    • Music Video Package add $180: Students will receive the Basic Package + a Christmas Themed Green Screen music video + behind the scenes footage of the recording session and interview with the performer for a complete media package. All music videos will feature on our youtube channel and JumboNote TV episodes & have rotation on our facebook page.

Check out this music video below for an example of a green screen music video.

Song choice will be chosen by teachers and Darko Zoric, as we would like to avoid numerous students doubling up on songs like ‘Silent Night’. A list of available songs will be given to those who are interested. All backing tracks will be provided by JumboNote to ensure a level of quality of all recordings.

Audio recording sessions & music video shoots will take place at JumboNote Studio A and Studio B in Beverly Hills on the following dates.

  • Wednesday 8-11-17 from 2:30pm till late (audio recording @ Beverly Hills Studio A)
  • Thursday 8-11-17 from 2:30pm till late (audio recording @ Beverly Hills Studio A)
  • Wednesday 15-11-17 from 2:30pm till late (audio recording @ Beverly Hills Studio A)
  • Friday 24-11-17 from 3:30pm till late (music video shoot @ Studio B)

If you would like more info or are interested in being part of ‘Christmas with JumboNote 2017′, talk to your teacher or call Darko on 0450 144 399.

Check out this interview and snippet of Allanah Rustoms breathtaking single ‘Amazing Grace’ which featured on the ‘Christmas With JumboNote 2014′ album.

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