Learn To DJ at JumboNote – Starts March 17

ImageDJ’ing has grown in popularity, and has become a viable means for musical entertainment, with many musicians opting to incorporate DJ’ing as an integral part of their music performances.

JumboNote is proud to announce a new and exciting course ‘Learn To DJ’,starting March 17! Lessons are conducted in a group setting, and are suitable for ages 12 and above with Adult DJ classes available too. We will be holding classes on Tuesday afternoons and Saturdays after midday, with classes segregated into Adult and under 18’s classes. Lessons will be conducted by popular Sydney DJ, Jimmy Beatz, with no more than 6 students participating in each class. Each student will have access to state of the art DJ equipment and workstations in our new facility at JumboNote Beverly Hills Studio B. For more info on course prices and details, please click here.

There will be two courses offered, a short course with 1 hr lessons spanning over 6 weeks (totalling 6JB LOGO_BLACK TEXT (HR) hrs), and a longer in depth course of 1.5hr lessons spanning 10 weeks (totalling 15 hrs). Students participating in the  longer in depth course will have the opportunity to perform their very own DJ set at a dance party, organised by JumboNote Music School at course end.

Be sure to book your place for this amazing opportunity with our first classes kicking off on MARCH 17. For more information, and course pricing, please visit our Learn to DJ page here.

Checkout some amazing ‘Jimmy Beatz mixes

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