Manuel Andrade – Principal

2b14c5_56fdaae6dda44b11a5b0bbb3e1993476-mv2Manuel Andrade is Principal of JumboNote Music School. Manuel’s experience in music tuition and music production is second to none and he has been a great driving force in producing high quality music videos, albums, and musical content involving JumboNote students. Checkout some of Manuel’s credentials below.

– Bachelor of Arts in Music (1997 – 2002) at Valley University, Cali Colombia

– Worked as a Music Teacher in the areas of Guitar, Drums and Bass (2002 – 2008) at Preludio Music School, Cali Colombia

– Worked as a Music Producer, Recording Mixing and Mastering Bands  (2002 – 2008)2b14c5_824c3696047946649a95be8d7c55f014-mv2

– Lead Guitar, Producer and Composer for Martha Herrera, Cali Colombia  ( (2007 – 2008)

– Worked Composing recording and mixing Music for TV (2002 – 2008) at Sonata Productions, Cali Colombia

– Studied Bachelor of Audio (2008 – 2010) at SAE Byron Bay – Australia

– Studied Master of Teaching Music (2010 – 2012) at UWS – Australia

- Worked as a Music Teacher at Jumbo Note Music School (2012 – 2017) in the areas of Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Music theory and Producing.

- Director of the Band Jam Program at Jumbo Note Music School since 2015