Meet Guitar Teacher Ben Corby

Ben & GMF

Ben Corby is a multi instrumentalist and teaches guitar, bass, drums, and band jam at JumboNote Music School at our locations in Kogarah and Beverly Hills.

Ben Corby first picked up a guitar at age 11 and discovered an instant love for music, which eventually became the start of his lifelong study of music. Throughout High School Ben performed in different school bands as well as his family band ‘The Corbys’ who perform at different venues across NSW. After spending two years working in his home town of Taralga in country NSW and performing with the Corbys, Ben moved to Sydney to further his musical studies at JMC Academy where he completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Music. During his time at JMC, Ben has performed and recorded with over 10 different bands/artists at different venues and studios across Sydney.

Ben has studied a wide variety of genres including rock, pop, country, jazz, metal, blues, funk and many more. Some of his influences include Guns n Roses, Metallica, Tommy Emmanuel, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani.

Ben currently performs regularly around Sydney as lead guitarist and backing vocalists of the band ‘Chasing Giants’ who record and perform original music. He also performs acoustic gigs with various artists as a professional musician. Ben Corby is eager to pass on his knowledge and love for  music for all his students at JumboNote Music School. Ben Corby is the winning coach of JumboNote’s ‘Battle of the Bands 2016′ with his band ‘The Unknown’ taking out top honours! Check out a review and short video of ‘Battle of the Bands 2016′ here!


Teacher Ben Corby with Battle of the Band’s 2016 winners ‘The Unknown’.


To book in for guitar lessons at JumboNote Music School, call 0450 144 399 or send us a message at our contact us page here.

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