Meet Guitar Teacher Ben Gregory

Ben GregoryBen Gregory, from Sydney’s North Shore, has been a lifelong student of guitar and has been performing as a guitarist since his early teenage years. After graduating from high school, Ben has been studying a Bachelor of Music at JMC Academy and has developed a passion for teaching and passing on his musical knowledge to students. Ben is an exciting performer, and can be seen regularly performing live in Sydney’s music scene at clubs and bars spanning from Sydney’s CBD to Western Sydney and beyond.

Along with his extensive guitar skills, Ben has recently discovered a love for singing, and has been showcasing his vocal ability at all his latest live performances. Between teaching music, accompanying vocalists and playing solo gigs, Ben alsoBen Gregory 2 spends a large amount of time working with his band, ‘The Trio’ which features Ben and two fellow university musicians. The Trio have done multitudes of gigs together, playing and arranging anything from blues to rock, to mashing up acoustic pop songs.

Ben Gregory will be conducting guitar, bass and drum lessons at select times at JumboNote’s Kogarah and Beverly Hills locations. To book in for lessons with Ben Gregory, call 0450 144 399 or contact us here.

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