Meet JumboNote Teacher – Jaydn Wilson

Jaydn WilsonMeet one of JumboNote Music School’s brightest new teachers Jaydn Wilson! Jaydn teaches piano and vocals at JumboNote Kogarah & Beverly Hills, and has already made a positive impact with his style of teaching. Jaydn is the type of teacher that goes beyond traditional calculative methods of step by step teaching, and captivates his students by tailoring lessons to include their musical interests.

Jaydn encourages all his students to be creative in their musical study, and his teaching strengths lie with his ability to incorporate creativity in learning by teaching students song writing, improvisation and performance techniques.

Jaydn is available for lessons at JumboNote Kogarah every tuesday, wednesday and thursday. Call 0450 144 399 to book in for lessons.

To checkout Jaydn Wilsons Band ‘Yours Truly’, visit their facebook page.


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