Meet Piano Teacher Ms Fiona L.E Stephens

Snapshot_20141010_3 (1)Fiona is a performing musician and educator, with many years experience in creating and teaching music.

As an educator, Fiona has taught music to young, and, not so young people. From the far north-western regions of NSW as the CAP Music Coordinator for the Department of Education, to independent schools in Sydney, private studios and community music ventures with adults, sharing her passion and knowledge of music has been a personal mission.

Fiona’s interests in music are far ranging – as a multi-instrumentalist, she cites the piano, organ, flute and anglo-concertina, as those which she plays well, and believes that there are no boundaries to genre, with a repertoire that has dipped into everything from Mediaeval church music, to electronic and popular. She enjoys playing music as much as teaching it, particularly with ensembles, and at present, mostly performs as an accompanist.

When her own children were young, she became interested in early musical learning, sparking a life-long study of how we learn, leading to a research degree in musical cognition, and further postgraduate study in musicology and performance. Underlying her basic philosophy to life, teaching and playing, is the knowledge that music making is a fundamental and important human activity and that learning music can be an enjoyable, satisfying and even healing experience.

To book in for lessons with Fiona, contact JumboNote Music School on 1300 787 697.

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