Musical Theatre Classes at JumboNote Music School


Cost: $26 per class.

$16 – students undergoing individual lessons at JumboNote Music School receive $10 off per class.

Venue: JumboNote Studio B Shop 1, 1 Fisher Place Narwee.

JumboNote Music School conduct lessons in Musical Theatre at our Beverly Hills & Narwee locations.

Time: Now taking enrolments

Wednesdays 4:30pm (junior)

Wednesday 5:30pm (junior)

Wednesday 6:30pm (senior)

Call 1300 787 697 or 0450 144 399 to book your spot

Is your child confident, full of life, creative and has a passion for music? Then they are a perfect candidate for our new Music Theatre classes.

Separated between junior and senior classes, children of all ages will learn what it takes to be a music theatre performer, or how we like to call it, “Triple Threat”. With elements of vocals, dance/movement and acting, Music Theatre brings out the little character in everyone, and will unleash a newfound confidence in your child.

IMG_6775Held every week at Jumbonote’s Studio B, located in Narwee, a 45 minute class will consist of vocal and body warm ups, study of script and a musical piece, whilst combining all three elements together to create a performance!


Some of the featured topics within our Music Theatre curriculum include:

  • “How to speak, without speaking”A body and movement topic that teaches the student how to use body language to express and enhance their feelings portrayed in their performance. This teaches the student, that it is not just about being on stage, but making the stage yours!
  • Vocal Range & Breathing TechniqueHaving a flexible range in our vocal scale is imperative when singing songs of Music Theatre Genre. Learning how to support and use our higher and lower register within songs will be achieved by the student participating in weekly warm up sessions that will occur at the beginning of class. This is extremely vital not only to broaden your child’s singing ability, but also to ensure that we are using our voices in the safest way possible.
  • Character PortrayalThis study gives the students an understandacting_kids that 70% of Musical Theatre is all about the act. Finding ways we can play other characters of our chosen study, as well as executing that character in a way that is true to the story line is something that each child will experience. This really shows personality within the students, as we are able to watch them grow in terms of confidence and creativity within character building exercises.


Along with a great variety of recourses, students will encounter working both one on one, and in-group dynamics when learning a specific musical or dramatic piece.  Through these classes, each student is given the opportunity to later then audition for our Jumbonote yearly musical, which will be directed by vocal teacher, Chantell Nohra. Given this opportunity, the students will gain a taste of what it is like out in the real world of theatre, and force them take on an act of professionalism.


acting.kids_Musical Theatre Classes have now been welcomed to Jumbonote, as we are constantly searching for new ways to not only cater to the student’s stylistic preferences, but also allow them to gain confidence in themselves as singers, dancers and actors… but most importantly, as performers.


Call us now on 1300 787 697 0r 0450 144 399 to book your spot in our new Music Theatre classes. We can’t wait to see what little characters are waiting to come out!


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