NOTICE: Important Changes to JumboNote Management for Term 2

10 yrsWe are proud to announce that 2017 is the year that JumboNote Music School is celebrating 10 years as an organisation that provides music lessons and musical services for the local communities around Sydney’s St.George area and now beyond, as we’ve also acquired a music contract at Taylor’s College in Waterloo this year. JumboNote has been my life’s work and passion for over 10 years, so much so that it is the first thing that i think about each morning when I wake, and it is always the last thing on my mind before going to sleep. After 10 years of service, I believe every worker is entitled to some long service leave, and since my family and I haven’t been on a proper holiday these past 10 years, we’ve decided that during term 2 to take an extended break and have ourselves a European holiday.

Manuel AndradeMost of our JumboNote community would already be aware that teacher Mr Manuel Andrade is more or less my right hand man (sometimes it rather feels as though I am Manuel’s right hand man instead)…. and that Manuel’s influence on our students, bands, teachers and JumboNote at large has been invaluable as he always brings forward great contributions with plenty of passion and flair. Manuel’s contributions have been of great influence to our JumboNote TV segments, our Music videos, iTunes albums, concerts, recitals and all our Band Jam bands. As such, due to my absence, Mr Manuel Andrade has been promoted as Manager of JumboNote effective as of term 2 where we hope to transition to his new role as smoothly as possible before my departure in week 5 of term 2. What this means is that Manuel Andrade will be the point of contact for all students and parents for any needs pertaining to JumboNote life which may include scheduling, events, lessons, feedback and complaints. We highly encourage that students first liaise with their music teacher for simple matters such as upcoming absents or if requiring makeup lessons, however,  if issues still need resolving, contact Manuel.

We congratulate Manuel on his promotion, as it is well deserved and we believe that Manuel will help take JumboNote to the next level of music excellence, and expand on our performance programs. Manuel’s students need not panic as he will still be teaching students as normal, as this new role is normally executed out of teaching hours.

I’d like to personally thank all our students, parents and staff of JumboNote for an extremely enjoyable 10 years and I’m looking forward to playing a part in Jumbonote for the next 10 years!

Yours Sincerely

Darko Zoric

Manuel Andrade’s contact details are as follows:

Ph: 0401 799 140


Studio Beez

Manuel with band ‘Studio Beez’ at our JumboNote Battle of the Bands 2016




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