Piano Recital Lineup 26th April 2015

Recital is held at JumboNote Studio B: Shop 1, 1 Fisher Place Narwee 2209 NSW

We kindly ask if all students could be on time at least 5 minutes before recital start time. Please try bring as many family members or friends to watch, as your tickets allow up to 6 reserved seats. Check out our video below of our latest ‘Highlights from Daniel Imbert & Students Guitar & Drum Recital’, for an idea on what kind of video you can expect JumboNote to deliver for you after the recital. Performers to be dressed in smart casual. No shorts, thongs etc remember, your performance will be video’d from multiple angles and we want you to look your best! Good luck to all students, and have fun!

Joshua Murray Recitalpiano

Session 1 at 1:00pm

Row A: Nithin John

Row B: Nguyen Family

Row C: Hannah Yin

Row D: Karl John Nickel


Session 2 at 2:00pm

Row A: Mo Family

Row B: Lewellyn Wylie

Row C: Kyle Chen

Row D: Kevin Fotu


Oksana Opryshka Recital

Session 1 at 3:00pm

Row A: Antoun Family

Row B: BeePees Flores

Row C: Prerna & Arhan Lodh

Row D: Karla Zoric


Session 2 at 4:00pm

Row A: Giannakis Family

Row B: Deanna Vasiliou

Row C: Angela Kioussis

Row D:

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