Pop-Vox Band ‘Copper Dolls’ Debut LIVE Performance at Studio B

Pop Vox - Copper Dolls - Water Under the Bridge_000033Our newly formed Pop-Vox band ‘Copper Dolls’ made their debut appearance LIVE at JumboNote Studio B performing a cover of Adele’s ‘Water Under the Bridge’. ‘Copper Dolls’ are coached by Ms Chantell Nohra and will participate in our upcoming ‘Showcase Concert’ and ‘Battle of the Bands II’.

‘Copper Dolls’ lineup from left to right is Larissa White, Demi Toweel and Tara Wylie. We look forward to seeing more from this band as they develop their sound further! Checkout their debut performance below!

Pop Vox classes only cost $16 per week and we are looking to start more bands. Call 0450 144 399 to join Pop-Vox band!

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