Record & Shoot a Music Video at JumboNote

Music VideosDuring every school holidays, JumboNote Music School conducts studio recordings and film clips at our Beverly Hills Studio.  A must for all musicians for their performance portfolio. A typical session includes 4 stages:

1) 30min to 40 min recording session with your backing track, and quick mixdown of your recording, where we would typically record 5 takes, and comp a master track.

2) 20min film shoot of you playing your instrument/singing, taking multiple camera angles of you performing the song.

3) All footage and recordings from the session is then taken to our editing studio, where the audio recording is mixed down and mastered.

4) All film footage is then edited and synced to the music, and a mp4 master file is created suitable for YouTube.

Typical turn around is 7 – 14 days for the music video to be completed.

Price starts at $150, which includes the full package mentioned above.

For an extra $100($250 total), we are capable of using a green screen and create graphic backgrounds rather than have the generic music studio background in our studio common in all our music videos.

Call 1300 787 697 to book your Music Video Session.

Checkout some of our past music videos below.




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