Jumbo Song Writing Competition!

JumboNote Music School is holding a song writing competition open for all!

Songwriting Competition

It is every musicians dream to write that hit song…. and no matter what level of musician you are from complete beginner to pro, everybody is capable of composing a song. All it takes is some form of inspiration, and passion to express yourself in musical form. Remember, some of the biggest hits were written by complete novice musicians, and in most cases….simple is best!

The winner of JumboNote’s Song Writing Competition will receive a complete package to release their song. The following services will be provided free of charge:

1. Complete arrangement and production of the winning song recreated by a professional producer.

2. Winning Song will be recorded at JumboNote Recording Studio.

3. Winning Song will be mixed & mastered at JumboNote Recording Studio.

4. A custom music video will be shot and created and edited featuring the winning song writer.

5. Winning Song will be released on YouTube and iTunes.

Entries close Friday 5th December 2014.

Woman's Fingers on Digital Piano KeysTo enter, all we need is the following info from you:

1. a short mp3 recording from your smartphone of you performing your song. If your song has lyrics, a lyric sheet would be great, but not essential. Sound quality is not important, as songs will be judged by structure, melody, lyrical content and overall vibe.

2. A short bio about yourself, including your age, musical level etc.

3. Please include in one sentence or shorter, what winning this prize would mean to you.

Send all songs to our email address email@jumbonote.com.au and include in the Subject Heading ‘ATTENTION Song Writing Competition’. Each contestant is welcome to submit as many songs as desired…. All songs will be considered!

Songs submitted with any hint of plagiarism will not be considered.

If you are having one-to-one lessons, your teacher should be able to help you submit an entry and work on some song writing basics with you.

For some simple song writing tips, make sure you checkout our blog ‘5 Steps to Simple Songwriting’.

So go on, and get cracking and work on your song writing chops! It will open up a whole new world of creative musical fun!

For lessons in songwriting, give JumboNote Music School a call on 1300 787 697

visit www.jumbonote.com.au




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