Studio Beez New Release – Hotel California

Studio BeezJumboNote band ‘Studio Beez’ have just released a new music video – Hotel California. Hotel California caps off a successful 2016 year extending into 2017 where Studio Beez also released other Rock Classics such as ‘Highway to Heaven’, ‘Sweet Child O Mine’, and ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.

Any seasoned pro musician will concur that Hotel California is no easy feat, with it’s complex vocal harmonies, solo’s and the amazing Guitar solo duet played by guitarists Jared Anota in perfect harmony with Benjamin Wong near the end of the song. These young talents once again show us how truly amazing they are, and give justice to the song, with the female vocal talents even putting their own character and spin on the song which is very refreshing. Drummer John Kirc Cadornigara is solid as ever, with younger brother Keiran providing a supporting role on keys.

Production was taken care of once again by Manuel Andrade who achieves amazing results with all students, and in particular Studio Beez amazing progress is testimony to what a great musical educator & coach Manuel is.

Studio Beez current lineup is:

John Kirc Cadornigara – Drums
Benjamin Wong – Guitar
Jared Anota – Guitar
Tara Wylie – Vocals & Guitar
Lara Teves – Vocals
Amelia Giovenali – Vocals
Keiran Cadornigara – Keys
Manuel Andrade – Band Coach

Well done Studio Beez on another wonderful production! Check it out below!

To book in for lessons with Manuel Andrade, or join in on the fun with Band Jam, call 0450 144 399

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