How to Enrol into AMEB Exams

Exam enrolment cutoff date: Monday 18th September 2017 PLEASE NOTE: AMEB are very strict in their scheduling of exams and uphold a very stringent cancellation policy. AMEB won’t reschedule exams if dates and times are not to your liking without an extra $60 fee. These policies are out of JumboNote Music School’s control. Any dates that you […]

AMEB Exams Explained – The What and the Why

The AMEB, which stands for the Australian Music Examinations Board, is an institution which provides Music, speech and drama programs and subsequent examinations for students Australia wide. These programs are completed privately with a student’s own tutor, but are graded by the AMEB’s examiners. After its emergence in 1918, the AMEB has grown to become […]