An Introduction to Twentieth-Century Classical Music

Do you have tickets for Wozzeck? Were you a little frightened when you heard a singer rehearsing the strange singing/speaking vocal sounds of Pierrot Lunaire? Are you interested in learning about music of high emotion and understated, whispered beauty? For centuries, composers and artists have sought new forms of expression, breaking old rules and conventions […]

AMEB Exams Explained – The What and the Why

The AMEB, which stands for the Australian Music Examinations Board, is an institution which provides Music, speech and drama programs and subsequent examinations for students Australia wide. These programs are completed privately with a student’s own tutor, but are graded by the AMEB’s examiners. After its emergence in 1918, the AMEB has grown to become […]

Meet Oksana Opryshka – JumboNote Piano Teacher

Oksana Opryshka is a piano and music theory teacher and teaches at JumboNote Music School at our locations in Kogarah and Beverly Hills. Checkout our short interview with experienced piano teacher ‘Oksana Opryshka’, who has been teaching at JumboNote since 2010. Oksana holds a Bachelors degree in Music and Performance, and has studied classical piano since an […]