Meet Piano, Singer & Multi Instrumental Teacher Juan Alvear

Teacher, pianist, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Juan Alvear began his life in music at age 8. By age 17 he was regularly performing in nation wide festivals, pubs and nightclubs. On September 11, 2011, he relesead his first musical album  “Despertar”, and because of this, he was nominated  as “Best Contemporary Pianist of the Year” by the […]

Meet Piano Teacher – Sarah Lu

Sarah Lu  is a piano teacher and teaches piano and music theory at JumboNote Music School at our locations in Kogarah and Beverly Hills. Sarah is currently studying at UNSW and has just finished her Associate Degree AMusA in piano studies. Sarah has been playing classical piano since she was 7 years old and had been involved in […]

Saying Goodbye to a Music Teacher

If you haven’t gathered, life is filled with changes. Changes in school, work and relationships are quite common, and sometimes challenging. It’s no different when a music teacher decides that they are going to pursue a new opportunity for themselves and their lives. Often the hardest thing for them is to say goodbye to their […]

Meet Daniel Imbert – JumboNote Guitar & Drum Teacher

Checkout this short interview with popular JumboNote teacher Daniel Imbert.  Daniel talks about what he most loves about teaching, his thoughts on JumboNote, and get a sneak peak of a guitar Jam featuring Daniel and his student Jeff. Daniel Imbert has been working at JumboNote Music School for a number of years and has amassed […]