Teacher Daniel Imbert’s Farewell Message to Students

Daniel ImbertJumboNote teacher Daniel Imbert has been an integral part of JumboNote Music School for the past 5 years and has taught scores of students within that time and achieved many successes. Daniel has coached band ‘The Internet Scams’ and has guided students in guitar, bass, and drum lessons. Checkout Daniel’s farwell message to all students in the video below.

Daniel will be heading off to Canada in 2017 to expand his performing career, and JumboNote thank him for his expertise & time at JumboNote, and we wish him all the best with his future endeavours. Daniel will be replaced with JumboNote teachers Ben Corby (winning coach of Band Jam 2016 with band ‘The Unknown’) on Monday’s at Kogarah, and Ben Gregory will be taking Tuesdays at Beverly Hills Studio B, Wednesdays at Kogarah & Thursdays at Beverly Hills Studio A. Teacher Ben Gregory will also be taking over as coach of Band Jam band ‘The Internet Scams’.

Click on the links below for more info on our teachers:

‘Meet Guitar Teacher Ben Corby’ here.

‘Meet Guitar Teacher Ben Gregory’ here.

Daniel has recorded a farewell message for JumboNote and all his students below.

A change in music teacher can sometimes be daunting & met with some nerves…. however, it should be viewed as an exciting new musical adventure, as each teacher brings new ideas, new techniques and styles which will only add to your musical repertoire and knowledge. Check out our blog on ‘Saying Goodbye to a Music Teacher’ here.


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