Term 4 2016 Fee’s


My Lesson Fee'sTerm 4: Monday 10th October – Saturday 17th December

10 week term for all lesson days.

Weekly payers Please Note: Weekly fee payments will be abolished in 2017 as they take away valuable teaching time and very few weekly payers complete a full 10 week term breaking our attendance policy,which has unfortunately become a strain for our teachers and business as a whole. If you plan to continue paying each week for term 4, we ask you to kindly consider that we have reserved our teachers valuable time for your convenience, and we require you to pay a minimum of 10 wks at $35 each week totalling $350 for the term so that we can secure a spot each week for you. If you plan on only paying for lessons you turn up to, please revert to our CASUAL STUDENT RATE at $40 per lesson with a non secure timeslot. We strongly urge all students to consider paying the term upfront, for which there is a discount at $32 per lesson.

Since July 1, JumboNote has restructured it’s business and become a  Company – JumboNote Australia Pty Ltd ACN  612 260 901

Due to the company re-structure, our EFT details have changed. Please update your Internet Banking account for JumboNote Music School, and make all Electronical Fund Transfers to the following account:

NEW EFT Details:

Name: JumboNote Music School

BSB: 062-656

ACCOUNT: 10352111

Fee’s for Term 4 (10 weeks) Upfront receive a discount – Due wk 2:

– Upfront 30min /1 lesson per wk pay $320

– Upfront 60min / 2 lessons per wk pay $600 (2 instalments accepted of $300)

– Upfront 90min / 3 lessons per wk pay $840 (3 instalments accepted of $280)

Upfront discount only applies when paying for a complete 10 wk term. An incomplete term of anything other than the full 10 wks will be charged at $35 per week.

If you have any queries regarding fee’s, pls contact Darko Zoric on 0450 144 399.

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